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What is it about art that all people find so appealing? Regardless of what type of art you’re into… it’s the connection that draws you in. The desire to connect is universally human. We want to connect to people, places, and yes… ART! When you look at something that has been created with clay, textile, or paint many questions arise. What motivated its creation? What was the artist feeling or thinking while creating it? What does it mean to you? How does the piece connect to your life experiences? Those questions are our way of making a connection. The appeal of art is the desire to connect!

Nicole M Fisher
Nicole M Fisher


Nicole M Fisher is an abstract painter who calls Virginia home sweet home. She splashes her creativity onto canvases using a variety of acrylics and mixed media materials. Art isn’t just a pastime for her; it’s practically in her DNA! With a childhood passion for painting, she even had her very own easel handcrafted by her dad during her teenage years. Nicole’s artistic journey took off in Pennsylvania, where she dived into art classes, soaking up painting, drawing, and ceramics wisdom at various schools like Germantown Friends School, Moore College of Art, Drexel University, and Chestnut Hill College.

After attending Drexel University, Nicole dove headfirst into the world of education at Chestnut Hill College. She then earned her master’s degree at Gratz College. For over two decades now, Nicole has been the fearless leader of elementary classrooms, sprinkling her magical creativity dust to inspire young minds to think outside the box and use their creativity.

In the midst of the pandemic chaos, Nicole felt the artistic bug nibbling at her soul. After a twenty-year art siesta, she bravely unearthed her dusty paintbrushes. It was like reconnecting with an old friend! Fast forward to 2024, and she’s painting up a storm, showcasing her enchanting artworks at the Open Space Arts Gallery in Virginia. Nicole now struts her stuff as a valued member of The Prince William Art Society and the Onyx Art Group.


Nicole’s artistic vision draws sustenance from the rich tapestry of life. The hues of nature, the symphony of the ocean, the plumage of birds, and the blossoming of flora all interlace to guide her palette choices. Her color harmonies resonate with richly decorated spaces, the emotional spectrum, and melodies that etch memories in the soul and kindle emotions. A mere photograph can ignite her creative spark, or a natural color harmony captivates her senses irresistibly.

Guided by thematic threads of nature’s essence, self-discovery, love, and empowerment, Nicole weaves her collections with a sense of profound intuition. Her canvases unfurl organically as she paints, enriched by intricate patterns and sumptuous textures. Employing palette knives, scrapers, brushes, and everyday objects, she layers her creations with depth and dimension. Fluid acrylics and inks dance upon the canvas, adding a delicate whimsy to counterbalance the sharp geometries that often characterize her works.

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